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Senslytics is revolutionizing the concept of “Lead Time Forewarning”, giving managers and engineers more reaction time to optimize operations or curb emergencies. Built on a proprietary Intuition Technology platform, Sixth Sense Suite is a new generation industry-grade Artificial intelligence (AI) application that can bridge IoT, Deep Learning, and Qualitative Interpretation to Forewarn hard-to-detect, complex state changes in industry verticals. Their solution can be offered on-premise, on-cloud, or on edge devices. Senslytics is a spin-off from a larger IT multinational. 


Abyssal develops and implements a wide range of solutions and products focused on increasing safety and efficiency in subsea operations for several applications in Oil & Gas, Marine Renewable Energy, and Deepsea Mining Industries. Abyssal created a 3D Digital Platform combining an ecosystem of applications that provide value-added benefits in every phase of a project.


Accudyne Industries is comprised of widely known specialty product brands that serve global customers who must safely handle fluids in upstream and midstream oil and gas production; hydrocarbon processing including refining and petrochemical production; chemical processing; water and wastewater treatment applications; power generation and manufacturing. Their products typically represent critical components within large, complex systems, and perform efficiently, reliably and safely in challenging and harsh environments.

Corrosion Prevention Technologies prevents corrosion on customers’ most valuable assets using the CorrX process increase labor efficiency and reduce project costs. CorrX is a superior surface treatment, a unique cleaning process that prepares substrates for protective coating applications. CorrX is a simple and safe process that removes substrate contaminants, the non-visible cause of coating failures, and prevents corrosion even in the most corrosive environments. CorrX enables customers to dramatically reduce project costs, expedite complicated project schedules, eliminate corrosion-causing substrate contaminants, enhance coating performance, and minimize asset maintenance and downtime caused by corrosion. This technology has been used for more than 5 years in the oil and gas industry, with applications on a variety of assets in severely corrosive environments, such as deepwater rigs.


Pietro Fiorentini is a leading company operating on an international level, in designing, manufacturing and selling components, systems and services for the treatment, regulation, and metering of natural gas with the goal of enabling and increasing its safe usage by distributors and consumers, with a scope of continuous improvement.


OpenField is a technology startup specializing in microsensors for downhole applications in the Oil & Gas industry. They offer micro-instruments and expertise to provide data that can enable enhanced recovery capabilities and safer operations to well operators. Their high accuracy, high-resolution pressure and temperature micro-recorder is a Plug & Play micro sensor measures up to 20Kpsi and 170°C and is immediately deployable.

Schoeller-Bleckmann Oilfield Equipment l

Schoeller-Bleckmann Oilfield Equipment Aktiengesellschaft (SBO) is the global market leader in high-precision components made of high-alloy steel and a leading supplier of key components for the oilfield service industry. The business focus is on non-magnetic drillstring components and high-tech downhole tools for drilling and completing directional and horizontal wells.

Advantek Logo

Advantek Waste Management Services LLC is a full-service waste management company providing recycling, treatment, and disposal of oilfield wastes including muds, drill cuttings, produced water, flowback water, tank bottoms, and others. Advantek's team has spent decades advancing and promulgating the state of the art of oilfield waste management. They use this experience to enable their customers to responsibly access their energy resources.

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