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Business Organization 

Business organization and structure are a significant pillar in the success of an entity. Eternal Energy offers business advisory and oil and gas consulting on corporate structures, management organization, talent development, and many more. These services will help your entity optimize its structure and develop its employees' efficiency with the least required resources.           

Eternal Energy can help you in:
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Business Structure 

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Channel Partners

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Enterprise Valuation 

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Corporate Structures 

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Management Organization 

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Organizational Integration 


Talent Management & Assessment

With ample experience in establishing new businesses, integrating existing businesses, and entering new markets. Our team is exceptionally well-positioned to facilitate and optimize business structuring or restructuring initiatives, as the case may be.         

Business operations often include channel partners in the form of agents, JV partners, etc.; this is especially true of the Middle East and North Africa. Extensive knowledge of industry players affords us a unique ability to identify, assess, and recommend suitable partners as well as advise upon relationship parameters.        

With an expansive network and intricate knowledge of key players in the NAM and MENA regions. Our team is able to provide otherwise inaccessible insights into factors impacting enterprise valuations, be it positively or negatively, and be it the benefit of the acquirer or the target company.        

Be it for an existing or new market presence, a sound corporate structure can mean the difference between operational profits or losses. Our team takes a holistic view of our client businesses to structure or otherwise restructure corporate legal platforms that are optimized for business profitability and sustainability.        

Decades of industry and regional experience have established a wealth of knowledge on functional and dysfunctional management organizations. We are routinely entrusted to guide client executive leadership teams on optimal management organizations to ensure organizational development and business success, often couple with country entry staging and other relevant initiatives.        

Having developed through the ranks to the highest levels of some of the world’s largest organizations and have participated in numerous integrations over several decades. Our team offers a unique perspective and ability to advise upon and manage complex organizational integrations, be they a result of acquisitions, business restructurings, or otherwise.        

Be it for new market entrants or existing players, retaining the right talent Management for key management positions spells the difference between achieving corporate strategies and collective failure. Our multi-disciplined, multicultural, and multilingual seasoned team of professional with deep industry knowledge and an expansive professional network is ideally suited to identify and assess potential candidates for key regional leadership roles within client organizations.    

Other Business Advisory Services


Strategic Positioning 

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Revenue Generation 


Legal and Regulatory 

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Eternal Energy advises publicly listed, private equity, privately held SME’s and successful startups with activities across a wide range of the energy spectrum. Our organizational development on a wide range of critical matters integral to successful operations in North America, the Middle East, and North Africa—both significant hydrocarbon markets, but each with its distinct set of challenges. 

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