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Capital & Financing Consulting

Eternal Energy's team is well designed to aid the growth of your startup. Our concept development services will accelerate the growth & commercialization of innovative products through our commercial modeling, business planning, and technology development advisory. We work closely with our clients' management teams in order to ensure sustainable growth and development for their startup.         

Eternal Energy can help you in:

Financial Review 


One of the most important aspects of establishing any business is creating and maintaining an accurate set of financials. Accurate financials and a justifiable enterprise valuation are critical for startups whom need to raise venture capital or sell their enterprise. Eternal Energy’s Finance team possess the financial acumen to work with accountants to get your financials ready for the next stage of your growth.         

With an in-depth knowledge of the energy sector in our areas of operation, we are well-positioned to guide client executive leadership teams on setting aggressive yet achievable financial targets.        


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Capital Raise 

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Insufficient capital is one of the major reasons for a startup’s demise.  Eternal Energy supports our client’s capital raise by determining both the startup’s valuation and amount of investment required.  We then leverage our extensive network of angels, venture capital, private equity, family offices, and high net-wealth individuals to fund the startups with friendly capital.         

As a founder of a startup you will be asked for your exit strategy by every prospective investor.  Whether it is an initial public offering (IPO), strategic acquisition, management buyouts (MBO), or simply maintaining a sustainable business; Eternal Energy can help develop the best options for you and your startup.        

Other Technology Commercialization Services


Concept Development

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Customers & Partners

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Eternal Energy advises publicly listed, private equity, privately held SME’s and successful startups with activities across a wide range of the energy spectrum. Our organizational development on a wide range of critical matters integral to successful operations in North America, the Middle East, and North Africa—both significant hydrocarbon markets, but each with its distinct set of challenges. 

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