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Concept development 

Eternal Energy's team is well designed to aid the growth of your startup. Our concept development services will accelerate the growth & commercialization of your products through our commercial modelling, business planning, and technology development advisory. We work closely with our clients' management teams in order to ensure sustainable revenue generation, growth, and development for their startup.        

Eternal Energy can help you in:
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Detailed assessment


Business Planning 

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Commercial Modelling 


Technology Development 

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Use Applications 

Eternal Energy has developed a proprietary Startup Measurement and Assessment Review Tool (SMART) which summarizes the startup’s business and identifies those areas which require greater focus.        

Eternal Energy demystifies the business planning process by providing a simple yet comprehensive road map to take the startup from concept to commercialization and revenue generation.        

As part of the planning & definition process, Eternal Energy performs several commercial scenarios to identify the most profitable channels, pricing strategies, and product/service mix to ensure maximum value in the shortest timeframe.        

Eternal Energy possess the technical and operational expertise to support the startup’s technology development phase using industry codes and standards and best practices to reach the required technology readiness level (TRL).        

By scanning the multiple elements of the oil & gas industry across upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors; Eternal Energy is able to identify the most essential functions of a startup’s innovation and how to market it to the various customers.        

Other Technology Commercialization Services

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Capital & Financing

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Customers & Partners

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Get in Touch Today to Concept development Consulting

Eternal Energy advises publicly listed, private equity, privately held SME’s and successful startups with activities across a wide range of the energy spectrum. Our organizational development on a wide range of critical matters integral to successful operations in North America, the Middle East, and North Africa—both significant hydrocarbon markets, but each with its distinct set of challenges. 

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