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Eternal Energy augments your management team with their seasoned industry experience. We provide assistance with finance, operations, legal & compliance and contracts & negotiation to accelerate the way for our customers.    

Eternal Energy can help you in:
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Contracts and negotiation


Legal and Compliance 

The structures of a majority of startup businesses are established with best-in-class entrepreneurs, engineers, and innovators; yet many lack all the skills required to drive the business forward.  Eternal Energy has structured our firm with highly seasoned executives with C-Suite experience, specifically CEO, CFO, COO, CTO, CSO, General Counsel, and VP/Directors to supplement your management team.        

Eternal Energy recognizes the demand for experienced finance professionals to interface with accountants, investors, and board of directors. Our partners are well-versed in finance, accounting, capital investments, banking, and SEC law to ensure your startup is in good hands.        

Whereas many consultancy firms employ green employees without industry experience, Eternal Energy is only represented by seasoned professionals with operational, in-the-field experience.  This ensures that the solutions we present are realistic and effective for your specific project.        

Our multidisciplinary team, with ample experience in negotiating, drafting, and concluding winning contracts, is well suited to developing detailed contracting strategies and working with clients to establish practical contracts that maximize profitability and minimize risks.        

From understanding the legal structure needed to form your business to confirming that all business contracts comply with all domestic and foreign laws, Eternal Energy brings international expertise to protect your company and minimize the risk of any liabilities         

Other Technology Commercialization Services

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Capital & Financing


Concept Development

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Customers & Partners

Get in Touch Today to Concept development Consulting

Eternal Energy advises publicly listed, private equity, privately held SME’s and successful startups with activities across a wide range of the energy spectrum. Our organizational development on a wide range of critical matters integral to successful operations in North America, the Middle East, and North Africa—both significant hydrocarbon markets, but each with its distinct set of challenges. 

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