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Business Advisory Services

Reach your potential and achieve your commercial goals, with business advisory support. We help oil and gas businesses to overcome challenges, achieve breakthrough results, drive growth, and attain the best outcomes on a wide range of projects. Our team works with companies at every stage of the business lifecycle, from private start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. 

Our clients benefit from tailored support from the right industry professionals with a successful track record in delivering energy businesses across the globe – with a focus on growth-minded companies and those looking to expand into new geographical markets. 

Our Business advisory and Energy consulting services include developing and executing business strategies to structure and optimize business operations, for both existing as well as new market entrants in North America, the Middle East, and North Africa.  These strategies cover critical aspects of the business, including:  

Strategic Positioning 

Deciding when and where to move can be a life-changing decision for your company. Here at Eternal Energy, our team has unrivaled experience in major oil and gas and energy hubs around the world. With Eternal Energy's advisory and consulting services in LCR, Market Assessment, Country entry staging, and Market entry prioritization you will be able to strategically position your business to expand safely and rapidly in the right place, at the right time.  Read More>    

Business Organization 

Business organization and structure are a significant pillar in the success of an entity. Eternal Energy offers business advisory and oil and gas consulting on corporate structures, management organization, talent development, and many more. These services will help your entity optimize its structure and develop its employees' efficiency with the least required resources. Read More>    

Revenue Generation 

With Eternal Energy you will develop effective marketing and sales strategies, including business development of new revenue streams, profitable business models and pricing, competition mapping to uniquely position and, create winning contracting tactics. Given our in-depth knowledge of the energy sector, and our expansive professional network we are well equipped to implement effective solutions to drive up our customers’ revenue. Read More>    

Legal and Regulatory 

Laws, regulations, and, business ethics differ substantially across regions. With Eternal Energy's advisory and consulting services, your entity will be able to mitigate operational risk, avoid trade compliance issues, enhance debt collection, and well manage your corporate legal structure. Alongside these services, Eternal Energy's team is able to advise your entity in regulatory licensing and dispute resolution and litigation.  Read More>    

Get in Touch Today to Get Oil and Gas Consulting

Eternal Energy advises publicly listed, private equity, privately held SME’s and successful startups with activities across a wide range of the energy spectrum. Our multi-disciplinary, multicultural, and multilingual team is accustomed to advising executive leadership on a wide range of critical matters integral to successful operations in North America, the Middle East, and North Africa—both significant hydrocarbon markets, but each with its distinct set of challenges. 

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