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January 2019 Update

Middle East Oil & Gas Outlook 2019

We take the opportunity to wish all of our business partners, both new and old, a prosperous 2019.  The Middle East Oil & Gas outlook for the year ahead certainly holds great promise to deliver the most successful year yet since the industry downturn.  Eternal Energy has noted a renewed willingness by the regional national oil companies to explore, deploy and invest in new technologies that will optimize production and associated costs.  This further underscores the importance of accessing “now” the largest Oil & Gas region outside of the United States, be it for early stage or mature enterprises.  Please Contact Us to schedule an exploratory discussion about winning business strategies in the Middle East.


Eternal Energy was proud to launch the first generation of the Innovation Hub™ at ADIPEC 2018.  The Hub hosted several world class organizations, featuring some of the most innovative technologies in our industry today.  As expected, the exhibition and conference, which ran from November 12 to 15, was exceptionally well attended.  The Hub proved to be a remarkable platform for participants to distinguish themselves from the masses of exhibiting companies at ADIPEC.   Moreover, the Hub afforded each participant an opportunity to demonstrate its seriousness about doing business in the Middle East, whilst engaging with both existing and potential business partners.  Please Contact Us to discuss participation at the Innovation Hub™ 2019.

Eternal Energy continues to expand its technology commercialization activities, working with both new market entrants and long-established players in the Middle East Oil & Gas sector on a variety of matters.  These include technology testing and certification as well as the development and implementation of a host of strategies related to marketing, sales, pricing, contracting, deployment and regional staffing.  Please Contact Us to schedule an exploratory discussion about technology deployment in the Middle East.

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