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Innovation Hub™ by Eternal Energy

Eternal Energy has teamed up with DMG to feature Eternal Energy's Innovation Hub at ADIPEC 2018. The Innovation Hub is a dedicated zone that will feature some of the world's most cutting edge Oil & Gas technologies. The purpose of the Innovation Hub is to ensure that distinguishing technologies have the opportunity to differentiate themselves from the 2,200 participants in this year's ADIPEC--and further positions Eternal Energy as the Middle East's Oil & Gas technology hub.

Recognizing that technology development is a capital intensive exercise, Eternal Energy has worked with DMG to contribute a sizable subsidy to the Innovation Hub to enable even the smallest of tech companies to participate. Moreover, the Innovation Hub has been placed within close proximity to the VIP Middle East Petroleum Club where all of the industry leaders congregate and meet throughout ADIPEC, so that Hub participants get the right level of attention. And last but not least, the Innovation Hub has been designed as a plug-and-play solution, to enable Hub participants to walk in on day 1 and hit the ground running, with no time investment in booth build-out and preparation.

If you’re looking to access customers, R&D funding and/or investment in the eastern hemisphere, showcase your technology at the Innovation Hub @ ADIPEC 2018, the world’s largest Oil & Gas conference and exhibition. Promoted by ADIPEC and powered by Eternal Energy, the Innovation Hub will elevate your tech’s profile. Key features include:

  • COST: the lowest price option at the exhibition

  • DIFFERENTIATION: ADIPEC’s only option to have your tech stand apart from the other 2,200 exhibitors

  • LOCATION: situated alongside the Middle East Petroleum Club (where the Industry Chief’s congregate)

  • PLUG & PLAY: booths are walk-in ready, including audio, video, etc.

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